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Achievement - 01In a short span of time SOPAN has crossed many milestones. It has established itself as a well-known parents’ association in India. The organization has several achievements to its credit.


:: Services for People with ASD
Achievement - 02Samarpan Centre for Autism Spectrum Disorders was started at Vile Parle, Mumbai, in thefirst year of SOPAN’s inception. Samarpan serves around 35 children and adolescents with ASD. It offers a variety of services ranging from multidisciplinery assessment, early intervention, remediation, pre-vocational training, along with speech & language therapy, sensory integration therapy and adaptive physical education.

:: Parent Empowerment Programs
Achievement - 03SOPAN has made concerted efforts to enable and empower parents. Besides holding parents training programs periodically, SOPAN has Parent Enrichment Program, an ongoing program offered at Samarpan Centre. The objective is to improve the involvement of parents as members of the multidisciplinery team. Enrolled parents are taught the techniques required to develop skill behaviors and effectively manage challenging behaviors in their children. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in autism advocacy and pressure groups.

:: Recognition
a) At State LevelAchievement - 04

  • SOPAN is a well-known parents association for ASD

  • SOPAN and Samarpan have established linkages with

    i) National Institute for Mentally Handicapped (WR) Mumbai

    ii) SNDT Womens’ University, Mumbai

    iii) Forum for Autism

  • Dr. Rubina Lal, President, has conducted training programs on ASD in different parts of Maharashtra

b) At National Level

  • Samarpan team was invited by the National Institute for Mentally Handicapped,
    Secunderabad, to participate in a national meeting of experts on ASD

  • Dr. Rubina Lal is the member of Expert Committee for Autism, set up by The Rehabilitation Council of India, and the National Trust, Govt. of India

  • Dr. Lal served as Controller of Examination for the RCI Diploma in Special Education (ASD), run by Spastics Society of Karnataka

  • A team of experts from the RCI has visited Samarpan as a possible centre for starting a teacher training course

  • Professionals and parents from different parts of India have visited Samarpan

c) At International Level

  • Prof. R.L. Simpson, Dept. of Special Education, University of Kansas, USA has conducted training programs for parents and professionals.

  • Dr. Lal has given a number of lectures to the undergraduate and graduate students of Dept. of Special Education, Kansas State University, USA

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